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          The 33rd China (Beijing) International
          Building Decorations & Building Materials Exhibition

          March 6-9 ,2024 China International Exhibition Center( Shunyi Hall),Beijing

          About the show

          • The 33nd China (Beijing) international architectural decoration and building materials exhibition will be held from March 6 to March 9, 2024 at the new hall of China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. The 120,000-square-meter display area of the new exhibition hall will be used to show building decoration products such as Whole house customization, Whole house decoration, Kitchen & bath appliances, Integrated top wall, Smart clothes hanger, Smart home, Windows, doors & accessories, Machinery, Prefabricated house and others.This exhibition will invite distributors, agents, and designers to come and participate in the conference and transaction negotiation. GL Events, the French famous exhibition company, will partner with the exhibition to help continuously expand its overseas publicity and promotion, increase participation of overseas procurement groups, realize resource sharing and co-branding, and attract many well-known brands to actively participate, so to together create a flagship of building & decoration exhibition in the industry.

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          SQM Exhibition Area


          High Quality Suppliers


          Professional Visitors

          Visitor registration

          Floor plan

          Exhibit Category

          Photo Gallery

          Media Center

          Official Wechat
          国产成 人 综合 亚洲网站,激情综合五月丁香狠狠爱,亚洲精品6页,婷婷丁香五月天久久综合视

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